We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

Regardless of the type of contract you prefer for your projects — hard bid, negotiated or other — Island Interiors Design will make your project a success by employing one of the many delivery methods we perform based on the needs of your specific project.


Island Interiors Design performs construction phase services that are required to meet owner and engineer project specifications. By performing the most critical portions of construction with our own forces, we exercise maximum control over safety, cost and schedule, and maintain quality without question. All subcontracts are held by Island Interiors Design and the cost/schedule is guaranteed, with the cost contracted on a “lump sum” or “guaranteed max” basis. Being a top General Contractor helps us draw the best-qualified subcontractors to perform on our projects.


Island Interiors Design executes a “single source” contract, which includes all services for planning, designing, constructing and commissioning of a project. In concert with our Building Information Modeling (BIM) Program, in Design-Build, we bring the leadership and management to virtually build the project in design collaborating with all team members.


sland Interiors performs pre-construction and construction phase services and is typically hired early in the design process to provide construction input to the project team to assist the owner in making key project decisions early to maximize the value of those key decisions. During the CM process, Island Interiors Design is involved with the owner, architect and consultants from conceptual design through construction and until the facility is operational and occupied. Our diversified services offer clients complete control over: safety, cost, schedule, quality, commissioning and start-up.


With Island Interiors Design wide array of self-perform capabilities, we are able to offer our clients Maintenance Services for all of your project operational needs whether it be the 24/7 emergency services or the normal routine maintenance required to keep your project running smoothly. With our large work force, we are able to respond quickly to your needs.