Building Your Dream!

Island Interiors Design LLC has over a decade of experience across every phase of construction, from design conception to finish work. Our team has executed projects large and small, refurbishing buildings, restoring brownstones, and renovating apartment complexes across Brooklyn, the Bronx, and every borough in between.
With a fastidious attention to detail and an interest in every facet of the building process, takes pride in understanding the unique challenges of each project, setting realistic expectations, staying on top of every step, and then delivering as described.

Island Interiors is comprised of a competent, highly skilled, extremely hard working crew. With expertise across a range of aptitudes-we are equipped to meet the individual, ever-changing demands of your project.
We also believe that inefficiency is all too often the downfall of successful construction. Which is why we retain an onsite manager to oversee each project in real time, anticipating problems before they occur and eliminating the potential for wasted downtime.
Island Interiors Design combines general contractor capabilities with detail-oriented construction management services in the Tri-State & Nassau area. The combination of consistency, speed, quality, and operational flexibility make us unique in this field. Whether it is a project, budget or conversation we focus on the details to ensure our clients get the best results.
We believe that, when it comes to construction, agility is key. The ability to efficiently and effectively adapt to the ever-changing demands of each job is paramount to producing quality projects and leaving behind satisfied clients.
Transparency is at the core of who we are. We set realistic expectations and then work tirelessly to adhere to them.